Want to create a practice that will allow you to meet your financial goals, provide a good life for your family, and give you an outlet to live out your big ideas?

All you need are strong systems and innovative processes to stabilize your practice.


Here is What You Get:


Focused Attention

Two 90 minute sessions per month. These consist of a 45 minute teaching portion, two Hot Seats, and a 25 minute Q&A session. You also get a monthly 60-minute group Q&A with Joe Sanok.


A Look Behind the Scenes

One in-person two-day intensive at Kasey Compton's practice to see behind the scenes.


Marketing Expertise

One in-person two-day intensive with Joe Sanok focusing on marketing and branding.



A private Facebook group with Zoom videos, access to Podcasts, e-books, and documents. You also get phone, email, and text support from Kasey.


The Everything Package

Over 150 forms, including HR binders, P&P manuals, tracking systems, clinician guides for increasing productivity, clinical documentation, support service documentation, reporting, etc.  


Digital Resources

Access to all things digital. This includes online digital content on blogging, websites, SEO, and more!

The Start a Group Practice Mastermind Framework. 

Group Mastermind

Two times per month, Kasey will lead a 90 minute session with the 12 person Mastermind Group. She will teach you for 45 minutes, then two people will each get a 20 minute hot seat. This takes place on the second and fourth Tuesday 3:00-4:30 EST. On the third Tuesday Joe will do a one hour Q&A with the group.

The Everything Package

Kasey has created the authoritative package for scaling a mega practice. You get it all, her forms, automations, and recommendations for EMRs (it’s not what you’d think).

In-Person Training

You’ll also get to spend two days at Kasey’s practice, observing every system and process live. She’ll engage you in how to start, grow, and scale a million dollar practice.

Is Start a Group Practice Mastermind For Me? YES! If:

  • You are interested in scaling to a million dollar private practice
  • You are in the process of onboarding other clinicians
  • You are not sure how to create systems to scale

Who Start a Group Practice Mastermind is Not For:

  • If you've just started a private practice
  • If you are only working part-time on your private practice
  • If you aren't interested in scaling your private practice

About Kasey Compton

Kasey is a private practice owner turned group practice owner since 2015. She’s always had an entrepreneurial spirit and knew that she always wanted to be a business owner. Kasey turned her private practice into a thriving group practice, going from 1-12 clinicians in year one, and continued to multiply from there. Today, she owns Mindsight Behavioral Group which employs over 80 people that range from clinicians, case managers, peer support specialists, nurse practitioners, life coaches, and a fully operational administrative and support department.  

Kasey’s super power is helping others develop the strategic systems they need to effectively scale and stabilize their practice. She’s a big believer of the Profit FIrst model and implements that with all of her clients that are interested in using the system. She gets excited about analyzing numbers, creating formulas and metrics to determine the direction a group practice should go. She’s skilled at helping others look at their financials and create a plan towards strategic growth from an financially-informed perspective.  

She also loves streamlining systems to become more effective and efficient. She implements this strategy into her own practice and is knowing within her company for this. It’s nothing to find Kasey huddled up somewhere with a group of people from one department, talking through how they’re currently operating, brainstorming where the stuck points are, what’s taking too much time, and innovative ways to cut down on steps. Kasey’s worked hard to adopt this as part of the culture of Mindsight and she now sees the benefits because her staff are doing these same things amongst themselves to make their individual jobs more efficient!

There's never been a better time to start a million dollar private practice!