Ready to get to the next level? Take the stress out of starting a private practice. Grow a practice and create the right systems to scale. Go to the next level so that you can multiply time and money. 


Unsure what to apply for? It all depends on how you learn best, what you want to achieve, and your budget. Make use of the following flow chart to see which of our service offerings are best suited to where you are at, then follow the links below to learn more about that specific service offering:

If you are in the process of starting a practice ($0 - $40k per year), but are bootstrapping it and do well following instructions / training provided via email, then the One Year Practice Plan is for you. You'll receive a weekly email filled with tips and advice on how to take your practice to the next level.


If you are in the process of starting a practice ($0 - $40k per year), then NLP is for you. It's all about helping you attract your ideal clients, saving you money, and helping more people quickly.

If you are wanting to start a group private practice, then GPL is for you. It's a 6 month online community taking you through the steps to start a group practice. By the end, you will have established a solid foundation for your growing business as well as hired at least one clinician.

If you are wanting to scale your group private practice, then GPB is for you. It's all about managing people, creating a positive workplace culture, increasing client retention, money management, hiring, marketing and branding, office space, and more.

If you are a practice owner who values helping your patients and growing your business, but feel stuck with billing or insurance then consulting with Jeremy Zug (co-founder of Practice Solutions) is where you need to be.

Alison has a group practice and trains practice owners on how to launch quickly, reduce stress, and create your ideal practice! Alison is also an expert in helping practice owners to add insurance to a practice and start a group practice.

Joe accepts a handful of one-on-one clients that want to go beyond just growing a practice. His consulting is for people that are growing a successful group practice, want to scale faster, and launch something big (i.e.: podcasts, keynotes, and world-changing ideas). 

If you’re a practice owner who wants to brand, market and build your practice from a faith-based perspective, one-on-one consulting with Whitney Owens will get you there. Gain help attracting your ideal client, onboarding clinicians, and more!

Have you been thinking about what you can do during these changing times? After all, as a therapist you are an advocate for change, and can be a voice for healing, right? But where do you even begin when it comes to talking about racial justice, attracting clients from different backgrounds to that of your own, and growing your practice into a truly inclusive place?

Are you wanting to start a faith-based practice? Do you struggle to effectively market yourself? Is it a challenge to fill your caseload with your ideal client? Are you unsure of how to hire people? Well, you are in the right place! Whitney Owens will help you take your practice to the next level.

Are you running in multiple directions? Did things grow kind of quickly and you know you need to edit down what you do? If you are currently earning over $60k per year and are in the process of growing and scaling a practice, then Big Ideas Mastermind is for you. BIM will give you a great return-on-investment of time and money. It includes work in a group of six, on-going support, and an accountability partner.

If you are in the process of scaling your practice to the $1 million per year (or above) mark, than Start a Million Dollar Practice E-Course is for you. Discover how to grow and scale a million dollar insurance-based practice through Kasey Compton's expert teachings. 

Slow Down School is a conference for high-achieving practice owners that are grossing over $60k per year. We come together for a week in the summer dream big, edit down the hectic lives we have created, and prep our businesses to multiply and explode!

Apply now for one-on-one consulting, Mastermind Groups, conferences, or if you don't know what will help next. We will:

  •  Listen to your big goals and struggles
  •  Give actionable advice
  •  Recommend the best steps for you to get a massive return on investment of your time and money

After you apply, we will reach out to schedule a time to talk.


How do you get through the phases of private practice? What is the three-part model for success? How can you make more money, work less, and love life to impact the world?  

Amazing counselors often fail at private practice. In fact, only 1 out of 10 businesses will still be in business in 10 years. That’s crazy!  

We didn’t learn anything about business in grad school (unless you got a MBA then started a private practice).  

I (Joe) started Practice of the Practice in 2012. I was learning about marketing and business in private practice. I was working my full-time job and wanted to pay off student loan debt. Then over time, I realized I might want to do that as my full-time job. But I had no model, no mentors, and no framework. So, I started blogging about what I was learning and started a podcast. Every month, we have around 100,000 people that are now growing their practices with us through the podcast. 


Our team has grown since 2012 to support private practice owners at every stage. We’ve divided our work into the following areas:  

  • START PHASE: This is the phase of practice from when you first get the idea to start a practice until you are bringing in $50k gross per year. 
  • GROWTH PHASE: This is the phase where you’re taking some things off your plate, maybe hiring some clinicians, and building a bigger brand. It’s the $50k-$100k range. 
  • SCALING PHASE: The Scaling Phase is all about removing yourself from the day-to-day operations and creating more systems. It’s for $100k+ 
  • OWNER PHASE: The last phase that we don’t emphasize as much is where you completely remove yourself from the practice and you make money off your business.  


Before we dive into your specific phase and plan, I want to make sure you know where I’m coming from. I structure out three specific areas that make up a successful life as a practice owner.  

  • Optimized Practice: An optimized practice is one where you’re not leaving money on the table, everything is “flowing,” and you feel you have extra time to put into things that matter. We might say that you need to look at the “low hanging fruit” of your practice before you dive into too much beyond that. 
  • Big Ideas: There are big ideas inside you. They might be a podcast, e-course, keynote, book, or world-changing organization. In order to have the mental, financial, and emotional energy for these ideas, an optimized practice is essential. That way you don’t make choices based on being backed into a financial corner. Instead, it’s based on what the idea is telling you.  
  • Lifestyle: Too often owners will work 50+ hours a week to get a practice going and growing, but they don’t have an end time for that hustle. Yes, we’re all about sprinting toward your goals. But, there has to be an end time. It needs to be a chapter, not the book. As part of this success equation, we don’t want to work 90 hours a week. Instead we want to have time with friend and family. We want to go stand-up paddle boarding and go on vacation. We want to snuggle with our kids.

I outline these three areas, because they make up the core of my entire business. They are the flow for success. When this triangle is aligned, we feel it. It becomes part of who we are and allows us to make the greatest impact on the world.  

Let’s explore what you can do when you’re just starting a practice. If you’re past that, jump ahead. 


We recognize that when you’re just getting going, you have time but not much money. So everything for the Start Phase is based on your sweat and that time is your biggest asset. However, for some people starting, they have full-time jobs, a family, or other things that take up time. So they may want to invest in something that will speed things up, like consulting or our Next Level Practice Program.  

Tools for Starting a Practice  

  • Checklist: Get our free 28-Step Checklist for starting a practice: click here, it’s free.
  • One Year Practice Plan: This is a weekly email that walks you through your first year of practice. It’s only $17, a one-time fee. Click here to join.
  • Free Resources: Get all our free checklists, e-books, and infographics in one spot. Get free resources. 
  • Next Level Practice: This is our community of people that are starting a practice. We have live webinars, Q&A with Joe and the team, recorded trainings, small groups of 6-8, and an active private Facebook Group. Click here to get your invite for the next cohort.  


The Growth Phase is usually when your practice is going strong. You may be seeing 10-15 clients per week. Also, you might start recognizing some stress. You don’t want to do the accounting or website anymore. You’re considering hiring someone to clean. You’re seeing that your time is worth more in the chair, than it is in doing some of the tasks you have done. You might even be thinking about hiring some additional clinicians. Here are some tools for this stage.  

Tools for Growing a Private Practice  

  • How to Start a Group Practice E-book: This free e-book outlines the first steps to starting a group practice. Click here to get it free
  • Grow a Practice Course: Get focused emails, videos, and trainings on growing a practice, totally free. Click here to get the training + my book
  • Start a Group Practice Mastermind Group: This Mastermind Group focuses over six months on teaching and supporting you in building a group practice. We meet 3x per month, you get a hot seat to get more focused feedback, and tons of resources. Click here to apply
  • One-on-One Consulting: Want me or someone on my team to walk you through how to grow quickly? We have 6-12 month packages. We’ll first meet to discuss your goals then decide if you’ll get the best ROI from consulting. Click here to apply.  


After you start adding clinicians and get some systems in place, the Scale Phase is all about moving beyond your own time. It’s interesting because the things that it takes to get to the Scale Phase (hustle, hard work, wearing multiple hats) are the very things you have to stop doing to scale. Here are some tools for this phase.  

Tools to Scale a Private Practice  

  • Next Level Mastermind: NLM is a group for six and seven figure practice owners. We meet twice per month and have in-person meetings. It’s for people that want to be surrounded by people that are serious about scaling. Click here to apply. 
  • One-on-One Consulting: Want me or someone on my team to walk you through how to grow quickly? We have 6-12 month packages. We’ll first meet to discuss your goals then decide if you’ll get the best ROI from consulting. Click here to apply. 


Here are some things that will help you at any stage of practice:  

Hopefully that gives you a better sense of what to do next. Feel free to scroll back up and apply for whatever suits your fancy. We can’t wait to help you!