Interested in starting a podcast, but you have no freakin' idea where to start?



  • Determine your target audience and make sure that matches your goals
  • How to use a podcast in a hyper-niche to make more and work less
  • The exact structures for solo shows, interview shows, and more
  • How to stand out, when there are already podcasts in your space 
  • Do the practical set-up, recording, and posting of your podcast
  • Attract your perfect guests to build a following quickly
  • Create a plan for monetizing the podcast through sponsors, affiliate links, or selling services
  • Create a 12 month plan for marketing and growing the podcast 

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  • Identifying the Best Audience
  • Tools and Tech Recommendations
  • Setting up an Email Course
  • How to Stay Organized
  • Recording Tips
  • Solo Shows: Pillars of Your Podcast
  • Expert Shows and Interview Techniques
  • How to Use Calendly and Zencastr
  • Consulting Shows
  • Finding Podcast Sponsors
  • Picking Music
  • Editing the Show
  • Hosting and How to Upload
  • Creating Show Notes That Rank
  • How to Use Amazon Affiliate Links
  • Podcast Cover Art Best Practices
  • How to Submit Your Feed
  • Review Day
  • Marketing in Your First Six Weeks
  • Most Important Data Points
  • Where to Find Inspiration
  • Monetizing Your Podcast

"The first thing Joe gave me was the sense of possibility. I never even thought about doing a podcast and barely knew what one was. But when he explained it - it just made sense. He then made it 'doable'. Step by step - 'Go to this site to get your music, call this person to get an interview, download this free software to record it - go here to upload it to iTunes, etc.' I went from being a complete novice to now I'm the guy with 60 episodes and 100,000 downloads. And I've gotten to interview all the leaders in my field and build amazing relationships. 

Clay Cockrell, Online Counseling Podcast

About Your Professor

Joe Sanok has the #1 podcast for private practice, is a TEDx speaker, and has won the Best Therapist Podcast in 2017 and 2018. Joe has launched three podcasts and has over two million downloads. He's been a guest and interviewed Daniel Pink, Pat Fynn, John Lee Dumas, Jaime Masters, and other business legends. 

Podcasting has changed his life. 

Joe Sanok Hyper-Niche Consultant + Podcaster