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A private practice isn't a one-time thing, shouldn't your support be on-going? Join the community to help you build your practice. With over 30 e-courses, a dynamic community, and expert support for practices that are growing to $60k, this is the most comprehensive, on-going way to your practice grow quickly. 

Next Level Practice

An on-going community of e-courses, live support, and tools to start and grow a private pracitce

Next Level Practice is the world's best online private practice school for modern practice owners. It teaches you how to use smart, modern marketing methods to fuels higher profits, more intakes, and you higher purpose. Enrollment for this community only opens a few times a year. 

Starting a practice should be easy! Get training, community, and feedback to launch faster. It's like the Netflix of private practice resources, plus an amazing community. Over 30 e-courses, 300+ members, 20 small groups, and live support all month long. What are you waiting for? 



Next Level Practice is an industry-changing project to help counselors to start a private practice. Unlike many programs that are time-limited, or just an e-course, this brand new approach offers live and recorded trainings, small group accountability, and feedback. After interviewing new practice owners about what they need, we're launching Next Level Practice. 

This cohort model allows you to get help right where you are at. Small groups catered to your needs, trainings available 24/7, and we'll create new trainings for you every month! Request your invite today! 

"In January 2018, I joined the first cohort of Next Level Practice. I had launched my practice in the spring of 2017 but couldn’t afford private business coaching, so I spent countless hours teaching myself how to run my business. Next Level Practice was exactly what I needed to supercharge my business practices! The webinars, resources, community support, and consultant feedback helped me stay motivated and network more assertively. Thanks to Next Level Practice, my practice has grown from 8-10 clients per week to 16-18 clients per week in just eight weeks!"

Jordan Klekamp | Atlas Counseling Seattle

“It’s stinkin’ hard to do this practice building stuff alone, and it’s also stressful when others perceive my growth as a threat to theirs. Next Level Practice provided just what I needed - a space where “coopetition” is the name of the game. My big ideas are welcome and sharpened by other like-spirited therapists who are also hungry for more and ready to work. In just two months, my practice already got much more than what I paid for!! You can’t afford to NOT do it!”

Joanne B. Kim | Olive Me Counseling San Jose 

“Thanks to the supportive and encouraging environment of Next Level Practice, I am taking my practice to the next level by adding EMDR, Yoga, and TeleHealth to my practice.”

Benita Thornhill | Coastal Caroline Wellness Connection

“I’m a part-time clinician, but I went from zero clients a month to 30+ clients a month in six months!”

Paige Dunlap | Dr. Paige Dunlap and Co.


COST IS ONLY $88/month!



September 9 @ 10:00 am EST Cohort 10 Kicks Off

December 2 @ 10:00 am EST Cohort 11 Kicks Off

Does this sound like you? (These are quotes from actual interviews):

  • MINDSET: "How do I stay up and running and have little risk? How do I change my mindset around success?" 
  • COSTS: "I know costs will come up and hit me in the face, I want to have a plan but I don’t know what costs are coming."
  • RATES: "How much should I charge per session? How do I get customers and clients? How do you drum up business? I know websites help, technology tools, is the time now or later?"
  • PURPOSE: "Am I growing this with purpose? Am I finding a blueprint to push myself? How big do I want to grow? I have ideas and I don't know how best to do them."
  • LENGTH: "I want a program that isn't time limited, where I can get on-going support as I grow in practice."  
  • NICHE: "How do I confidently identify a practice specialty or niche? I want to have a structured and accurate way of looking at what costs are going to be involved in starting up a private practice."


Get trainings on how to start and grow a practice. We will have live webinars and a library of trainings. The community will also help influence the next trainings, worksheets, and support. 


Get placed in a regional group of 6-8 other practice owners that are at a similar phase. You will get monthly discussion items, homework, and support to build stronger outcomes. 


The Practice of the Practice team will be offering feedback on a variety of items including: Psychology Today profiles, websites, and social media presence. 


We talked with counselors starting private practices and they had a ton of questions and ideas! 

  • I need a step-by-step guide to start a practice
  • I don't want to spend hours figuring out what I know a ton of people have already done
  • Help me figure out how to market my practice and fill up
  • I want to ask people questions about how they are doing it
  • Starting a practice should be easier!

At the core, we know that starting a private practice is not hard. That's because we have helped thousands of private practice owners start, grow, and scale their practices. But, when you're first starting out, you have no idea what to do! 

This support is meant to be on-going. That's why we are not limiting the amount of time people can be in it. Our dream is to create THE support for starting, growing, and scaling your practice. As you grow, so will the training, community, and feedback. Our most common question we get is, "How long is it?" 

The answer: As long as you want. 

Realistically, if you're starting a practice, you should probably plan on six months minimum, but we're pretty darn sure that you'll love the training, community, support, and secret bonuses so much that you'll stick around!

So many private practice owners are headed towards burn out. They're seeing too many clients, they aren't getting paid enough, and they aren't attracting their ideal clients. 

Most of these pactice owners wish they could go back in time and set it up right the first time. 

You can! 

Your future self will thank you. 

Your future bank account will thank you.

Your future life will thank you. 

What if, instead of going back in time, you started your practice right the first time? 

Even if you think that you can't do it, we'll still be here to support you. 

Even if you have never done private practice and just want a side gig, we'll still be here to support you.

Even if you're in a competitive market, we'll still be here to support you. 


Imagine showing up to a webinar that is all about your stage of practice. Imagine knowing that each webinar is planned out to help you move through the start-up phase and be more successful. The trainings are practical and useful. We have a few different ways to help you start a practice:

  • Live webinars with Q&A
  • Recordings of webinars you miss and past trainings. Over time the library will grow. 
  • Handouts, infographics, and homework to do at your own pace

Whether you want to work on your practice 40 hours a week or not, we want to give you the support, training, and tools you need to start a practice. Below is an example of one of our in-depth, personal meetings: 


When you are assigned to a group, we'll work with you on what you are looking for in regards to times they're meeting, location and stage of practice, and other factors. We want you to feel support, but also feel that you are making progress faster, because you're a part of the Next Level Practice. 

Here are ways that you can get support:

  • Monthly small group meetings that are structured around topics and growth
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Q&A calls and webinars with the Practice of the Practice team

For most people, they will commit 1-2 hours per month to the community. But, obviously, you always get more out of it if you put more in.


As we interviewed practice owners, one thing they kept discussing was feedback. Obviously learning is important, but we want to also offer feedback to your implementation. Here are ways you'll get feedback:

  • Your group will offer feedback and ideas
  • The Practice of the Practice team will roll out feedback on Psychology Today profiles, websites, and social media
  • Expanded offerings to come

If you're looking for more feedback so you can grow quicker, this is for you! 


Joe Sanok (#1 podcaster, practice owner, and consultant) together with his team will guide you in starting your practice. If you are ready to take your practice to the next level this coming year, this is for you! Imagine if you had a practice that could fund your lifestyle, that was based on your vision for a business. What could your life look like in year? 

What is going to change if you don't do this?


Joe Sanok, Consultant

Joe has helped thousands of practice owners to start, grow, and scale their businesses. As your guide, he'll help you start a practice that thrives. 


Alison Pidgeon, Consultant

Alison's $30k/month practice speaks for itself. As a podcaster, consultant, and practice owner, Alison gives clear guidance to beginning practices. 


"I went from eight clients a week to 22 clients a week in one month! I started a group practice, went from 236 sq ft to 3000 sq ft, and have six clinicians! As of today (September, 28, 2018) our entire group practice has a total of 57 clients. I listened to EVERY podcast, watched every video on YouTube, joined NLP and accessed Teachable, and utilized every resource there."

- Shari Linger | Tarpon Springs, Florida

Most Common Questions

What is Next Level Practice? Next Level Practice brings together the best teachings, community, and tools to start and grow a private practice. Think of it like Netflix for private practice, where you get access to over 30 private practice courses, each with 5-12 lessons. You’ll binge on one e-course, then implement it. Also, in many communities, Facebook questions often leave you more confused, they don’t save you time. Because our community is all learning together, our community actually saves you time. Lastly you get tools of the trade like a logo, paperwork, and blog images, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.  

What are the teachings like? We know that everyone learns differently, so we help you consume content in your own way. First, we use Teachable, which brings together over 30 e-courses, webinars, and teachings on starting and growing a practice. We have courses like: How to name a private practice, how to rank in Google, How to Design to Attract Clients, and How to Start a Group Practice. Also, we offer live events that we also record and add to the library. We have events like “Ask the Expert” where we bring in experts on specific topics, Q&A with Joe or Alison, and 8in1 where we do eight weeks of work in one week. We view it like Netflix, there is more there than you could consume, since we’re adding new content every month.  

What is the community like? The problem we see with most free Facebook groups is that you throw out a question and you leave more confused. You ask, “What’s the best EHR?” and people love/hate each one. Each person responding is at a different phase of practice with a different perspective. Within NLP, we value diverse perspectives, but we’re all learning together, so when a question is answered, it actually saves you time. Our community has a few features: The private Facebook group, live calls we call “What’s Working?” where you get placed in small groups to discuss topics like marketing, starting a practice, or growing a group practice, and regular small groups you meet with. Also, you get assigned an accountability partner. We found that online communities didn’t feel like other communities, so we’ve tried to personalize the internet and make it easier to meet people at your phase of practice.  

What are the Tools of the Trade like? We’ve created 20+ Tools of the Trade to help you grow quickly. For example, in the first two months of NLP, you’ll get a logo and a paperwork packet valued at over $500. We also have tools like G-Suite Hacks, Speaker Agreements, dirt cheap tools, and how to start a website. We’ve helped thousands of private practices to start, grow, and scale, why recreate the wheel?  

How long is Next Level Practice? You can stay in NLP as long as you find value. Like Netflix, there’s no end. It’s an on-going membership where we give you more value and content over time. Because we know we have members that are invested, we create content each month. When you are ready to level up to a Mastermind Group or consulting, you don’t lose NLP, it’s included with any other Practice of the Practice product that is above it. When you feel like you’ve gained what you need, just let us know and we’ll turn off payments. Most people stay 12-18 months.  

Is Next Level Practice worth it? Whenever we get this question we go back to ROI (return on investment). What do you need to pay yourself back for the monthly fee? We’ve structured it that you need one client to come once per month to pay yourself back for the investment.  

What is the “locked in rate”? When you sign up, you get the lowest price for that cohort. Our first cohort joined at the rate of $55/month. Those Founding Members have been highly involved and gave feedback to help create the amazing community, learning, and systems we have today. Cohorts 2-9 have the rate of $77 per month if they signed up during our launch, otherwise people paid $100/month if they joined outside of a cohort. Fall 2019, the rate goes/went up to $88/month. But when you sign up, you lock in that rate, meaning we won’t raise it for you (that’s where we’re different than Netflix). If you leave, you come in at the new (higher) rate.  

What if something comes up and I have to leave for a month or two? Usually we recommend that you keep the membership so that you lock in the rate, but there have been some situations where we made exceptions. For example, one guy’s wife had cancer and another person had a sick child. We know life is hard, we want NLP to make your life easier, so just reach out if life hands you something tough.  

What if I have trouble accessing the system? Everyone gets an onboarding call with our Director of Details to make sure you can log into everything and get connected to your new small groups. We try to make it as easy as possible.  

I’m not getting the emails. Your PayPal account is most likely different than the email you check, just check the email associated with PayPal. If you have any issues, just email us and we can update your email,  

I’m not on Facebook, will I miss out on much? We know Facebook is not always the best platform, but since the majority of our members are there, we decided to keep our community section there. You may miss out on some of the Facebook Lives, Q&A, and community support. You can set up a profile that you use just for this or check your email each week and attend the live events. Our live events are on Zoom or Google Hangouts, our e-courses are on Teachable, so you’ll still have access to all of that.  

What are typical results of Next Level Practice? On average, we see NLPers get as full as they prefer within 4-6 months. That means if someone is at 3 clients per week, within 6 months they usually are at 15 if that is full for them. More times than not, we see people want to upgrade into a Mastermind Group because they have experienced such success. Our attorney makes us say that, “Results are not guaranteed.” To get the most out of NLP, we recommend you ask/answer 3 questions in the Facebook group per month, attend one live event, and do one e-course.  

How much time should I set aside for Next Level Practice? It really depends on how fast you want to grow, the more you put in the faster you’ll grow, but we’d recommend that you commit to at least one hour per week to work on your practice. Because you’re getting the best training, resources, and community, that one hour will be hyper-focused on the best use of your time.