Launch Your Private Practice! 

Next Level Practice is the community for people starting a practice. If you are making less than $80k per year, get the support and guidance you need!

You'll get personal help in small groups, live and recorded webinar trainings, and feedback to take your practice to the next level! 

COHORT 22 OPENS AT 10 am EST, MARCH 11, 2024





We want clinicians that are ready to launch a solo practice or amplify it! By limiting the spots, we ensure that we have the VERY BEST fit for our program. Most clinicians launch and are full within four months, (our attorney says we can't guarantee that) but we see it all the time!

We want you to start your practice with support, a clear vision, and an entire team/community that is with you every step of the way!

For $159/month you'll get access to:

  • All-new LIVE webinars and Q&A calls with me and my team! We’ll focus on a new cutting-edge concept a few times per month and answer questions as you build your business. ($200 value)  
  • OVER 30 e-courses and HUNDREDS of past video trainings! Pick and choose the materials that you need most to grow your private practice and make a name within your niche. ($2,500 value)  
  • Our complete resource library of tools, templates, and more! We’re always updating our library with the latest in what’s working for practitioners now so that you’re never left behind. ($997 value)  
  • Monthly small-group cohort meetings to fulfill your mission! You’ll have the chance to choose an area you’d like to focus on and collaborate with colleagues on the same journey. ($197/month value)
  • Your very own accountability partner to work with one-on-one! Meet your new BFF in business and work together to accomplish your goals through structured mutual accountability. ($500 value)  
  • Our EXCLUSIVE online community with hundreds of members! Dive into our main communication hub where you’ll find support, advice, and plenty of awesome people who “get it”. ($500 value)  
  • A customized logo and tons of other monthly mystery freebies! Each month you’ll get FREE bonus gifts that will have an instant impact on your business and steer you to success. ($497 value)  
  • And a chance to win back your monthly fee EVERY MONTH! We’re always creating new challenges and contests that will push you to grow your practice AND build our community. ($99 value)  

If you were to buy each piece of this program individually, you would easily spend TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars -- and it would be up to you to create a plan for implementation and growth.

Let’s be honest… 

Even if you have a Ph.D., odds are that you graduated without really knowing how to start your own private practice (let alone one that allows you to grow your impact AND income)!  

Maybe you’re working for someone else’s practice and struggling under their systems… Maybe you’re working out in the world of nonprofit and making less than you deserve… Maybe you’re working in both arenas and getting dangerously close to burning out… But in any case, you’ve probably found yourself asking…

“Is this it?”

Believe me, I’ve been there -- wondering if I’d ever be “lucky” enough to work exclusively with the type of clients that I know I can truly help on a schedule where I can be fully present for each session and still have time to enjoy my LIFE!  

But I’ve also made it to the other side and learned the hard way that it’s not about being lucky, it’s about finding the right support to jumpstart your journey into the world of private practice ethically and effectively!  

Whether you’ve just started thinking about starting your own private practice or have been trying to get one off the ground for a while now, if you’re serious about scaling to six-figures while filling up your calendar on your own terms with your dream clients then this all-inclusive monthly membership program was made just for you!  

Yep, YOU aka the one reading this who wants (and deserves)…

  • The opportunity to build a business where you KNOW that you’re helping people within your preferred niche every single day (or just as often as you choose to work)!  
  • The opportunity to save yourself years of frustration and failure as you try every entrepreneurial strategy without knowing if it’s truly right for your private practice!  
  • The opportunity to charge your worth, create financial freedom for yourself and your family, and finally pay back those looming student loans once and for all!  
  • The opportunity to gain the self-confidence and skills that you need to become the best version of yourself WITHOUT the stress of needing to be “perfect”!  
  • And, of course, the opportunity to take your practice to the next level and learn the secrets to standing out in a sea of clinicians, counselors, and coaches!  

I can’t tell you how many practitioners I meet who don’t know that all of this (and more) is possible because their education didn’t prepare them for opening a private practice!

Which is why I created
Next Level Practice!

Next Level Practice is the all-in-one monthly membership program that has helped HUNDREDS of clinicians, counselors, and coaches just like you start and scale their very own private practice on their terms!  

Unlike most programs that overwhelm you with information and end before you ever even figure out how to implement what you learn, NLP provides ongoing learning resources and community support that grows with you and your business.  

With Next Level Practice, it’s like getting a comprehensive e-course (actually more like 30) and video training library that’s always expanding with fresh, cutting-edge content on a platform that’s as easy and fun as Netflix!  

PLUS a thriving community of over 300 other practitioners who are right there with you every step of the way ready to support you as a one-on-one accountability partner, cohort in one of over 20 small focused groups, and valued member of the NLP Community!  

AND it’s all carefully curated and led by me and my team of experts through LIVE group calls, Q&A sessions, webinar trainings, and more!  

COHORT 22 OPENS AT 10 am EST, MARCH 11, 2024

Hi, I’m Joe Sanok!

And I’m here to make starting and scaling your very own private practice as simple, straightforward, and stress-free as possible!

If I look familiar, then odds are you’ve seen me around…

When I first entered the world of clinical practice, I was like a lot of recent grads, I took on work that I knew was vital to the community even though I also knew that it wasn’t a good fit for me.  

As a foster care supervisor, I felt the pressure to be on call 24/7 and found myself doing more paperwork than actual work. Throw in a two and a half hour daily commute and a $30K per year salary and it’s easy to see why I knew I had to get out of my situation.  

I had trained to be a counselor, not a martyr.  

In 2012 I launched Practice of the Practice to blog to share what I was learning about business, marketing, and private practice. And to be honest, it took me YEARS of trial-and-error to get my business up and running.  

It was frustrating and honestly it cost a fortune ALL because our industry keeps hush-hush about what it takes to start a private practice…  

But after implementing the strategies I learned the hard way, my income has gone up over 2,000% and brought in MULTIPLE six-figures year after year -- and best of all, I’m in a better position to serve the population that I’m most passionate about: children and families.  

I’ve learned WAY MORE than I could possibly share on this one page, but throughout the years, the three biggest takeaways that you need to hear are these:

  • Starting a part-time private practice is really easy if you have someone experienced walking you through the process. It won’t take long to grow it into a full-time practice!
  • There are clear steps to grow a private practice in your own way! All you really need is a clear plan for overcoming roadblocks like marketing, pricing, and expanding your team!
  • It doesn’t have to be so hard! You’ve found me, you’re here! And with all the trainings, tools, and templates that I’m about to share, you’ll be thriving in no time!  

I don’t believe that counselors should feel that there is competition, as we grow the field of counseling, we will grow the need for counselors.

When I created Next Level Practice, I knew that I wanted to serve mental health practitioners, counselors, and coaches of all niches and backgrounds who were ready to take action toward building a business that would change lives (starting with their own).  

And I knew that I couldn’t do it alone.

The experts that you’ll meet inside Next Level Practice all have areas of specialty that set them apart from the people you’ll find in other programs...

(Heck, even the fact that we have a real team is a major differentiator!)

Ready to achieve some ambitious results?

COHORT 22 OPENS AT 10 am EST, MARCH 11, 2024

FULL DISCLOSURE: this is not your typical training where you get a ton of time-sensitive information upfront but no actual guidance about how to apply what you’re learning.

Inside, you’ll begin to discover the step-by-step strategies to:  

  • Choosing the right name for your practice that resonates with you and your ideal clients.  
  • Getting through the proper legal set up so that you’re protected in the state you practice.  
  • Attracting your niche by learning the skills and self-confidence to best serve your clients.  
  • Creating a work schedule and business model that will prevent burn out in the long run.  
  • Establishing a pricing plan that can meet your needs and the needs of your clients too.  
  • Building a life that’s truly balanced and helps you fulfill your purpose and passion.  
  • AND so much more!  

But with Next Level Practice, you’re getting EVERYTHING for much (and I can’t stress this enough...) much less!  

AND it’s backed by a risk-free guarantee! Yes, seriously!  

If you feel like you aren’t getting value from your investment, just let us know within the first 30 days and we’ll refund your money with no questions asked -- well, except for maybe “how can we do better?”

Want in?

COHORT 22 OPENS AT 10 am EST, MARCH 11, 2024

We’ve found that the people who need (and LOVE) Next Level Practice tend to fall into three categories…  

  • Practitioners Stuck in the Idea Phase: If you have ever had the thought "I should start a practice" this is for you all the way until you start adding your first few clinicians. Practitioners at this level are making under $80K a year and want to grow.
  • Quick Starters Ready to Skyrocket: If you value getting support and learning from people who have already started a practice this might be for you. Don't want to reinvent the wheel? Then you’ll love your NLP membership. 
  • Overwhelmed Knowledge-Seekers: If you are sick of getting advice that leaves you more confused and want people to support you and actually save you time and frustration, then this is definitely for you. 

Having said that, there are some people who just aren’t ready to join NLP -- and honestly, that’s okay too! 

Our monthly membership might not be for you if you’re someone who: ...isn’t willing to take action now. Next Level Practice is designed to help you hit the ground running with EXACTLY what you need to do to start seeing results in the first few months of starting with us. ...likes the status quo struggle. If you’re comfortable in the trenches of mental health work right now, then I have to give you credit -- but I also have to give you fair warning that NLP isn’t right for you. ...doesn’t believe it can be done. If you’re still stuck in this mindset, then we’ve got more work to do before you can begin to transform your career (and life). The free resources on our site are here to help. 

At the core, we know that starting a private practice is not hard because we have helped THOUSANDS of private practice owners start, grow, and scale their practices!

And here’s what just a few of them have had to say... 

"Before Next Level Practice I spent countless hours teaching myself how to run my business. Next Level Practice was exactly what I needed to supercharge my business practices! The webinars, resources, community support, and consultant feedback helped me stay motivated and network more assertively. Thanks to Next Level Practice, my practice has grown from 8-10 clients per week to 16-18 clients per week in just eight weeks!"

Jordan Klekamp | Atlas Counseling Seattle

“It’s stinkin’ hard to do this practice building stuff alone, and it’s also stressful when others perceive my growth as a threat to theirs. Next Level Practice provided just what I needed - a space where “coopetition” is the name of the game. My big ideas are welcome and sharpened by other like-spirited therapists who are also hungry for more and ready to work. In just two months, my practice already got much more than what I paid for!! You can’t afford to NOT do it!”

Joanne B. Kim | Olive Me Counseling San Jose 

“Thanks to the supportive and encouraging environment of Next Level Practice, I am taking my practice to the next level by adding EMDR, Yoga, and TeleHealth to my practice.”

Benita Thornhill | Coastal Caroline Wellness Connection

“I’m a part-time clinician, but I went from zero clients a month to 30+ clients a month in six months!”

Paige Dunlap | Dr. Paige Dunlap and Co.

The Practice of the Practice podcast and the Next Level Practice Community has helped me grow faster than I ever thought possible. From being able to move back to my hometown, start a practice from scratch, and grow into a group practice in a little bit under a year. I have learned so much from all the guests and from Joe, and I couldn’t be where I am today without you all.

Christy Pennison | Be Inspired Counseling & Consulting

Six months into launching my private practice, I was seeing 4-6 clients a week. I was frustrated, tired, and feeling like I was grasping at straws on how to market and grow. Next Level Practice provided a supportive community, expert consultants to ask questions of, and marketing strategies to help me grow my practice into one that I love. If you are looking for knowledge, accountability, and support, I strongly encourage you to take the leap into Next Level Practice. You will be glad you did.

Jason Wilkinson

"I went from eight clients a week to 22 clients a week in one month! I started a group practice, went from 236 sq ft to 3000 sq ft, and have six clinicians! As of today our entire group practice has a total of 57 clients. I listened to EVERY podcast, watched every video on YouTube, joined NLP and accessed Teachable, and utilized every resource there." -- Shari Linger | Tarpon Springs, Florida  

Next Level Practice is all about boosting your business no matter where you’re starting from! We love our success stories and can’t wait to turn you into our next one!

COHORT 22 OPENS AT 10 am EST, MARCH 11, 2024

At the end of the day even if you decide not to join, here’s what I want you to know... 

You and the work that you do MATTERS. It matters to your clients, your community, and ultimately, the whole world.  

Providing mental health services creates a ripple effect far beyond what happens in the offices, residences, and schools where we work.  

If you’ve been thinking about tapping into the potential that you know lies deep down inside of you and branching out into your own private practice, then consider this a written invitation from me to live your purpose and your passion and join hundreds of other clinicians in Next Level Practice.  

Your investment is covered by my money-back guarantee and your interest in my monthly membership program is not taken for granted.  

I look forward to meeting you inside,  



Get trainings on how to start and grow a practice. We will have live webinars and a library of trainings. The community will also help influence the next trainings, worksheets, and support. 


Get placed in a regional group of 6-8 other practice owners that are at a similar phase. You will get monthly discussion items, homework, and support to build stronger outcomes. 


The Practice of the Practice team will be offering feedback on a variety of items including: Psychology Today profiles, websites, and social media presence. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Next Level Practice?  

Some have called us the Netflix of private practice thanks to the HUNDREDS of video trainings we offer -- but that’s just a small piece of the ongoing support we provide!  

Next Level Practice brings together the best teachings, community, and tools to start and grow a private practice with a group of experts and colleagues that are with you every step of the way sharing the proven tools-of-the-trade so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when you need a custom logo, images for social media, paperwork and more!  

What are the teachings like?  

We know that everyone learns differently, so we help you consume content in your own way!  

Among other tools, we use Circle, which brings together over 30 e-courses, webinars, and trainings on starting and growing a practice. We have courses like: How to Name a Private Practice, How to Rank in Google, How to Design to Attract Clients, and How to Start a Group Practice.  

We also offer live events and recordings for those who can’t attend in our resource library featuring our own in-house team, members of our community, and guest experts!  

What is the community like?  

We’ve gone the extra mile to personalize our group and avoid the problems that we see so often in online communities. While we value diverse opinions, you’ll never find yourself overwhelmed by dozens of different answers to a question that you ask!  

Our community has a few features that truly set it apart like LIVE calls about what’s working that cover topics ranging from marketing to group practices to nailing your niche and more!  

And that’s not to mention the friendship you’ll gain from small group learning and one-on-one accountability partnerships!  

How long is Next Level Practice?  

You can stay in NLP as long as you find value! It’s an on-going membership where we’re constantly adding new content over time. When you feel like you’ve gained what you need, just let us know and we’ll turn off payments.  

We recommend a minimum commitment of 6 months to see results and most people stay 12-18 months.  

Oh -- and did I mention that if you decide to upgrade to another service with us, we’ll continue your membership free of charge? Yep! Your membership is included with all our high-ticket offers to keep your momentum going strong!  

What are typical results of Next Level Practice?  

On average, we see our members fill their calendars to their comfort with ideal clients within 4-6 months. Our attorney makes us say that, “Results are not guaranteed.” But if you’re asking/answering 3 questions in the Circle community per month, attending one live event, and doing one e-course, then you’re on the right track for results! How much time should I set aside for Next Level Practice?  

It really depends on how fast you want to grow! Most of our members put in 6 hours of dedicated work per month, and we recommend doing a minimum of one hour per week to see results in your private practice.  

Is there a refund policy or guarantee?  

Yes! If you feel like you’re not getting what you hoped to out of Next Level Practice, let us know within the first 30 days and we’ll refund your money.  

After the 30-day guarantee period, you can cancel your membership at any time without any catches or consequences!  

Got a question that we didn’t answer here? Let us know how we can help you by reaching out to our team in the chat box or email  

As mental health clinicians, counselors, and coaches, we all know that the biggest transformations come from individualized and ongoing expert support for our clients…  

And the same applies to building your business!  

Ready to give yourself the skills and self-confidence you need to start, scale, and succeed?

COHORT 22 OPENS AT 10 am EST, MARCH 11, 2024