This Year's Killin'It Camp will be taking place October 20-23, 2022

in Club Med in Cancun, Mexico





Joe Sanok

Susan Melendez Doak

Building a Successful

Insurance-Based Practice

Gen Morley

Infusing Your Personality Into Your Practice

Holly Sawyer

Tapping Out Before Burning Out: Passive Income From Group Practice

Emily Runyan

How to Turn Self-Doubt into

Your Superpower

Nate Page

Why Should We Pay Attention to You? Practicing the ART OF BEING SEEN

Beliza Perez

Group Practice Bosses Cry Too

Jonathan Le

Holistic Health and Entrepreneurship: Biopsychosocial Aspects of Being a

Business Owner

Nicole J Wallace

Jumping Far Away From Fear into Your Future

Ashley Mielke

Growing a Purpose-Driven Group Practice

Lisa Lewis

Best Self-Care Practices for Ourselves as Business Owners to Create Harmony and Balance in Our Personal and Professional Lives

Dr. Elizabeth Carr

Group Practice: A Case for

Not Specializing

Andrew Burdette

Tetris and Legos

Valerie Harris

Growing a Practice with Interns


Each morning and each evening we will have a 90 minute planned session, Keynote, focus. As well throughout the day we will be pairing discussions, networking, and other fun leveling up trainings with activities and things that are included in the stay. We will have more details on the exact schedule in the coming month.


The Core Direction for KIC22:

  • Community: Participants feel connected so that they have a supportive community that can help them grow, learn, and make big decisions.
  • Fun: We hate being at conferences where you’re inside all day in break out sessions, that’s why the majority of the sessions will be poolside, as part of activities, or developed in conjunction with you, so that you get the experience you want!
  • Life Changing: We know that’s a big ask, but we want this to revolutionize the way you think about your life, approach to business, and the practical strategy.

Who is this for? This conference is for any private practitioner that wants to kill it in private practice. This is mostly for owners of the practice. The focus is mainly on the business side of running a solo and group practice, while also dreaming big about what we could do in the world.

What’s going to be covered? Every day we’ll do a kick off and a wrap up as a large group. Within these group sessions, we’ll cover core ideas, mindsets, and strategies for growing a practice and doing big things. We’re going to be scheduling sessions ahead of time and also at the event. One of the best parts of a conference is the informal discussion after the scheduled sessions. What if the best part of a conference wat the main part of the conference?

What additional costs are there? We have negotiated an amazing deal with the Club Med Cancun. For single occupancy it is $720 for the room, food, drinks and activities (all-inclusive!), for double it’s $600. As well, there are minor transportation costs and resort fees. So for around $250/night you can be a part of KIC22!

“If you had told me at KIC 2019, after four years of mediocre private practice success (at best) that in January 2021, I’d be adding my third clinician and moving into a full three-office suite for my business - with a full client load for myself, and clinicians filling faster than I ever did alone, all while only working three days a week and still loving life - I would have hoped you were right, but assumed you were not. Thank you Joe and the huge network of AMAZING humans you have orchestrated in holding each other up. There’s NO way I would be in this position without all the people. Together, we can do what none of us can do alone.”

- Gen Morley