October 4-7, 2020 | Estes Park, CO



Hey Joe, 

I finally pulled the trigger. Money is a little tight these days, but I know this is an investment in me as a person and business owner, and in my business itself.  

I signed up because:

  • I like and trust you as a person based on our interactions thus far, and so I trust events you put on will be enriching
  • I want to get momentum with my practice and connect IN PERSON to other people wanting similar things
  • I want to be inspired to take bigger, more deliberate and focused action, on growing my business and providing well for my young family I want to have some fun, too. Thanks and looking forward to meeting you and other like-minded folks in person.  

- Brent Sweitzer, Sweitzer Counseling, Cumming, GA


"I signed up for Killin' It Camp because I belong in a community of like-minded people who are both therapists & entrepreneurs; the people willing to get excited about possibilities, know their goals, know the risks, and yet take the risks anyway. I also know the sessions with industry-leading experts will help guide me towards my goals of building a thriving private practice while still thriving at home and with my family. Plus, MOUNTAINS!"

- Kyle Talbert, MA, LPCC, NCC (THERAP|HE Men's Counseling)

"I signed up for Killin in Camp because I wanted to be around like minded entrepreneurs. I enjoy be around similar people that are looking at things uniquely and looking for opportunities to grow. I also wanted to get insights from the leading counselors, business professionals, and marketers in the field of therapy."

- Chris McMullen (Anew Counseling DFW)

"I signed up for Killin’it camp to learn from and become colleagues with the nations’ best in Private Practice! Not everyday do you get a chance to learn from the best at such an affordable cost! Plus, what a serene, beautiful, and peaceful location!!!"  

- Chris Swenson (Rhino Wellness Center)

"I signed up because:

 1. I trust Joe and his work, which made me excited when I hear about this conference. I know that Killin' It Camp is going to be full of awesome clinicians, period, and I'm especially looking forward to seeing the presentations and being able to ask questions from people who excel in different ways than I do. Being able to pick the brains of people who are in similar walks of life is priceless.  

2. I need space and time to focus on my practice without getting bogged down in the daily needs of the practice. Being intentional about carving that out isn't easy, but having a conference that's dedicated to carving that time out is invaluable. My goal is to be able to walk away with a big picture view of where my practice is growing and what I need to do to facilitate that growth.  

3. I loooovvveee connecting with other practitioners who are owners of their business (or who aspire to be). I've already made lifelong friends throughout my practice journey, but my hope is that I'll make even more meaningful connections with others who are in similar places that I am with my practice!"

- Tara Vossenkemper (The Counseling Hub)

"I’ve listened to the Practice of the Practice Podcast for about a year, and when I heard about Killin’ It Camp I signed up right away and convinced two colleagues to as well! I have a successful solo practice, am growing as a group practice, and want to learn from the experts how to run things smoothly, successfully, and sustainably so my business can be known in the community for years to come! After implementing many of the tips from Joe’s podcast interviews and seeing positive results, I’m confident this Camp will deliver!"

- Aaron K. Potratz (Discover Counseling)

"I have a full practice but need help in identifying those areas I need to focus on to make the changes I need to obtain balance between work endplay." Killin It Camp" is a way for me to connect with people who are already "killin" their practice and can give me ideas and the encouragement that will jumpstart me to take a more active role in moving my practice in a direction that promotes continued growth without burnout in a way that works for m and my personality."

- Connie L. Clark (CClark Counseling)

"I signed up for Killin’It Camp because I want to grow my practice successfully and quickly using strategies that have been tested and work. There are SO many things I want to accomplish, and I want to absorb the experience and wisdom of experts I respect who are doing it successfully in order to accomplish my goals efficiently. I am hopeful this experience will also allow for great connection with like-minded professionals who “get it” and maybe make some new friends who are on a parallel path. Doing all this in a beautiful mountain setting is just a win-win!"

- Melissa Kramer (MindfulNest Therapy LLC) 


Join hundreds of private practitioners for the private practice conference of the year.  

Discover systems to start, grow, and scale your private practice. Network with top private practice consultants. Create a plan for killin'it in private practice.  

Tickets go on sale on the following dates:

  •  December 30-31, February 14, & March 2-6: $350 for 2019 Founders 
  •  February 20: $295 for Volunteers and Next Level Practice Members
  •  February 25: $395 Early Bird and Volunteers
  •  June 4: Volunteer Tickets Close
  •  June 18: $495 Early Bird ends and Regular tickets open
  •  August 6: Regular tickets end
  •  Night Owl: $695
  •  Speaker: $195

These prices do not include the lodging, which are (per night):

Central Lodges

  •  $134.00 - Single Occupancy
  •  $87.00 - Double Occupancy
  •  $71.34 - Triple Occupancy
  •  $63.50 - Quadruple Occupancy

Eastside Lodges  

  •  $114.00 - Single Occupancy
  •  $77.00 - Double Occupancy
  •  $64.67 - Triple Occupancy
  •  $58.50 - Quadruple Occupancy

Killin'It Camp is the largest conference exclusively for private practices. Join hundreds of other clinicians as they slow down and create a plan for killin'it in private practice.  



Imagine spending time in the Rocky Mountains in the right environment, with the right people, planning the right actions for you! Take time to identify the life you want and determine exactly where and how to focus to get the best ROI.

Learn from top private practice consultants, have fun doing a yoga session, and allow your brain to clarify exactly what you want to achieve at Killin'It Camp! Get ready for rapid fire tips and actions!


Now it's time to run full-tilt toward your ideal practice. In large and smal group sessions, we'll do practice planning about websites, finances, SEO, and getting more clients.

You'll experience expert interviews, connect with other practice owners, and exchange the best ideas for start, growing, and scaling.


After two days of inspiration, it's time to talk about what you'll do what you get home. It's all about long-term planning! By now, you will have killed it! 

We'll help you create a plan for your coming quarters to keep moving forward, develop habits that will maximize your focus and productivity, and structure boundaries to let your brain refuel and kill it!  

Private Practices are failing, but you don't have to!

The Small Business Association says that:  

  • 30% of businesses fail in the first year
  • 50% in five years
  • 66% in 10 years

Are you better trained than most small business start-ups? If you're like me, I never had a business class in undergraduate or graduate school. If you did, congrats, you're ahead of most private practice owners.  

Who this is for:  

  • FOCUS: If you want more focus and clarity on how to spend your time in private practice. 
  • SPEED: If you want to quickly move from one level of practice (start, grow, scale) to the next.
  • ACHIEVERS: If you want to surround yourself with high achieving practice owners that want to grow quickly (and make some friends) 

Then this might be for you!

Questions People Are Asking

If you want to save time and speed up the success of your practice, you’ll want to take action and buy a ticket to Killin’It Camp. This is for people that want to thrive in private practice. For owners that know there is a better way than what we learned in graduate school. If you believe that surrounding yourself with the right people can set you on the right path to achieve the right outcomes, this might be fore you.  

If you dream of having enough income to make innovative ideas come to life, influence society for the better, and impact the world, this all-inclusive conference might be for you.  

  • Do you want to feel confident in your business decisions, so they help your family in a positive way? 
  • Do you want your practice to be the one people say, “I want my practice to be like that”?
  • Do you want to create a culture in your business that mirrors your values?

Where is Killin’It Camp?  

Estes Park, CO at the YMCA of the Rockies  

We choose this secluded location, in the middle of the Rocky Mountains so that you can get the most done in the shortest period of time. Also, we can have an all-inclusive conference, without charging you thousands of dollars.  

What does “all-inclusive” mean? 

Here’s what is included:  

  • Food (Nine meals x $30/meal = $270)
  • Conference fee (Most conferences are $400+)
  • Workbooks ($50) 
  • Plus all the fun activities that are included in your price!  

This conference would usually cost you over $1,320 (if you include lodging)

What is Killin'It Camp? Our dream for this all-inclusive conference to bring together like-minded practitioners. We want people that aren't ashamed to grow their income (or at least they're working on that), hope to innovate in some way, are building influential practices to help their communities, and want to create an impact on the world.  

We've structured three days, in large groups, small groups, and personal time to be able to make a huge difference in your ability to know what to do next so you can rise to the next level of practice.  

What will I walk away with? At Killin'It Camp, we're bringing together some of the top consultants around topics like public speaking to get clients, how to build your brand, and ranking #1 in Google. We want you to take action at the conference and have a plan for after.  

Who is this for? If you're starting, growing, or scaling a practice there are people at your level. If you practice is about $3 million, this probably isn't for you (but we'd still love to have you). Anyone who feels confused about how to prioritize, wants to make the most use of each moment, while also building a life that matters will probably love this conference.  

Are we camping? No! The accommodations are hotel-style rooms. The rooms have a bathroom, shower, two queen beds, and no TV (to help you stay focused).  

When and where is it? October 2020, in Estes Park, CO  

Why is it so cheap? I host Slow Down School, which is a week-long conference in northern Michigan, it's $3,900. I've hosted other conferences that were around $1,000. I really wanted to create something that could compete financially with a typical conference cost. That's why we sought out nice accommodations that we could get at a reasonable cost. Killin'It Camp is only $495, while tickets last.  

Can we bring family or a non-attending spouse? Yes! Kids under 18 have to be accommodated by a non-attending adult. Depending on how many people are in one room, the additional cost for non-attending people for food and lodging is $350 ($116.67 per day) which includes food and the room. The YMCA of the Rockies charges us per person, not per room.  

Why Colorado? Whenever we do events, we look for an interesting place to host them. The middle of the Rocky Mountains seems like an awesome place to reflect, meet other like-minded clinicians, and learn how to kill it in business.  

Can I talk to someone about this event? I still have questions. Yes! If you still have questions, let's jump on a call. Click here to schedule.

Unsure if this is for you? Let's chat for 15 minutes. Click here to schedule a 15 minute call with Joe >>>