This Year's ONLINE Killin'It Camp will be taking place from October 14-16

STAY TUNED: We will update this website as soon as we have all the details worked out for the virtual conference, October 14-16, 2021.


Get your Killin'It Camp ticket FOR FREE when you purchase 5 or more copies of Joe Sanok's latest book, Thursday is the New Friday (valued at $24.99 each).




“If you had told me at KIC 2019, after four years of mediocre private practice success (at best) that in January 2021, I’d be adding my third clinician and moving into a full three-office suite for my business - with a full client load for myself, and clinicians filling faster than I ever did alone, all while only working three days a week and still loving life - I would have hoped you were right, but assumed you were not. Thank you Joe and the huge network of AMAZING humans you have orchestrated in holding each other up. There’s NO way I would be in this position without all the people. Together, we can do what none of us can do alone.”

- Gen Morley

Killin'It Camp ONLINE 2021 Schedule: 

NOTE: We will be providing all recordings to participants free of charge. 

October 14 - Pillars of Practice

  • 6pm EST: Joe Sanok - Why Thursday is the New Friday
  • 6:30pm EST: Gen Morley - Where to Begin: How to Determine Your Action Items
  • 7:00pm EST: LaToya Smith - Public Speaking and Storytelling
  • 7:30pm EST: Gordon Brewer - What is the Right Size Private Practice?
  • 8:00pm EST: Melissa Wesner & Dan Mayer - Protecting Your Practice with Legal, Ethical, Clinical, and Business Compliance
  • 8:30pm EST: Wrap Up (10 Minutes)

October 15 - Pillars of Practice (Morning) & Grow a Practice (Afternoon)

  • 9:30am EST: Joe Sanok - Morning Meditation & Kick-Off
  • 10am EST: Nate Page - Money Matters: Exploring Your Financial Possibilities with Group Work
  • 10:30am EST: Christy Pennison - Managing Uncertainty in Practice
  • 11:00am EST: James Marland - How to Use OKR’s to Achieve Outstanding Results (From the Book Measure What Matters)
  • 11:30am EST: Wendy Wright & Khara Croswaite Brindle - Shutting Down Shame in Business Planning
  • 12pm EST: Beth Gustin - Learn How to ASK So You Can Increase Rapport and Retain Clients
  • 12:30pm EST: BREAK
  • 1pm EST: Alison Pidgeon & Whitney Owens - Growing a Million Dollar Practice
  • 2pm EST: Jessica Tappana - Creating a Simple SEO Plan
  • 3pm EST: BREAK
  • 3:15pm EST: Dawn Gabriel - Soul Care for Therapists
  • 4:15pm EST: Sharon Fisher - Balancing Family & Practice
  • 5:15pm EST: Wrap Up (10 Minutes)

October 16 - Grow a Practice

  • 9:30am EST: Joe Sanok - Morning Meditation & Kick-Off
  • 10am EST: Katy Hill - 5 Hacks and Updates for Your Website Today
  • 11am EST: Brent Sweitzer - Use the Power of Personas to Sharpen Your Marketing and Super-Charge Your Practice
  • 12pm EST: BREAK
  • 12:30pm EST: Sandra Lucas - Merging the Non-Profit Sector with a Counselling Practice
  • 1:30pm EST: Nate Page - Burnout and Compassion Fatigue: Creating Your Plan to Manage These Ubiquitous Occupational Hazards
  • 2:30pm EST: Billy & Brandy Eldridge - It’s Like a Marriage: Business Partnerships in Private Practice
  • 3:30pm EST: BREAK
  • 3:45pm EST: Valarie Harris - Growing a Million Dollar Practice Using Interns
  • 4:45pm EST: Ellen Gigliotti - Online Forever! Building Your Online Group Practice
  • 5:45pm EST: Wrap Up (10 Minutes)

November 13 - Multiple Streams of Income

  • 9:30am EST: Joe Sanok - Welcome & Kick-Off
  • 10am EST: Ciara Carter - Start a Podcast, Grow Your Impact! Simple Steps to Getting Your Podcast Started from the First Episode
  • 11am EST: Marissa Lawton - Questions to Answer Before You Start a Side Hustle
  • 12:30pm EST: David Hall - The “1-2-3” for Profitable Continuing Education Trainings: How Therapists Can Grow Their Influence and Income
  • 1:30pm EST: Chris Swenson - Secrets to Creating a Book that Sells and Leads to Multiple Income Streams

Pre-Conference Info: 

November 12: Group Practice Owners

Practice of the Practice consultants Alison Pidgeon and Whitney Owens will lead you through creating an annual strategic plan for your group practice. You will get feedback from the consultants and other practice owners as you develop action steps to use in the coming year. This preconference workshop includes lunch as well as a "hot seat" format in which you get feedback from our consultants about challenges or new ideas for your practice. Both Alison and Whitney have consulted hundreds of group practice owners. They also lead two membership communities for group practice owners, Group Practice Launch and Group Practice Boss.

5-6 hour event with a focus on goal setting with a hot seat format at the end.

Cost: $199


  • What are the dates? October 14-16; November 13 2021

  • Why has KIC changed to an online event?​​​​​​​
    Most large group events in Larimer County planned for this month have been cancelled (Tour de Fat, Bohemian nights etc) due to increased Covid positive rates
    Gathering together in large groups indoors not advised by the CDC because it significantly increases the risk of transmission of Covid beyond what was originally expected. 
    Medical professionals are expecting an increase in infection and hospitalization due to Covid as we move into fall
    Larimer County is unlikely to make sweeping mandates as they did during the last surge due to backlash… so the responsibility lies with us to make smart decisions
    Legal liability if we don’t require vaccinations and masks, we have significantly more legal liability. We are not prepared to take on this financially or risk-wise.10/day includes just attending meetings, Breakfast: $10, Lunch:$12.50, Dinner: $15  You will need to pay this and register with them prior to KIC
  • Is there a Facebook Group?​​​​​​​ Yes! You can Click Here To Join.
  • What topics will be covered at KIC? Joe Sanok and other experts will provide fantastic talks and education about Growing your Private and Group Practices… we will have breakout sessions… time to network with others in your field… fun and relaxing activities… opportunity to enjoy the beautiful mountains!
  • Where can I get my ticket?!
    Go to  You have the option to purchase 5 copies of Thursday is the New Friday, in which case you will receive a free ticket to KIC. Soon, tickets will go up to $199 for the ticket alone, so get your books now!
  • What about my lodging reservations at the YMCA of the Rockies?
    By now, you should have received your refund from the Conference center.  If you have not, reach out to them at (888) 613-9622.  

  • Will I have access to the recording of KIC Virtual 2021?
    Yes!  Even though we are as bummed out as you are about not being in person, the bonus is that you will be able to watch ALL of the content if you wish, at your own convenience.  

  • How great could an online conference actually be?!  
    We think it will be pretty stinkin’ great, to be honest.  Our Practice of the Practice community is huge!  Those of you who attended last year can (and have) attest to that.  We’ve learned how to see each other and communicate even better online, you can expect amazing things from Practice of the Practice!  We are excited to reach even more folks, virtually.   

  • Will KIC be in person next year?
    WE SURE HOPE SO! We’ve already booked the YMCA of the Rockies for the October 7-10 next year, so put that on your calendar.

  • What is the schedule going to be for KIC ‘21 VIrtual?
    We’ve decided to make two, very special online events.  Part one happens on our already planned dates of October 14-16.  We will begin with all of the talks in Pillars of Practice, and transition to Growing a Practice mid day on the 15th.  Then, on November 13, we will have another all day event for Part 2:  Multiple Streams of Income.

  • Who will be speaking at KIC ‘21 Virtual?
    The same folks who were coming to the in person event.  You’ll of course hear from some of the stellar experts on our team, including Joe, LaToya, Whitney and Alison… in addition we have MANY MORE.  To name just a few- you will hear from Gordon Brewer, Gen Morely, Nate Page, Katy Hill, Jessica Tappana, David Hall and Billy Eldridge… AND SO MANY MORE!  We are thrilled with the level of expertise, variety of perspective, and enthusiasm.  It’s going to be awesome!

  • I’m still not convinced.  And/or I have questions.  Who can I talk to?!
    Feel free to reach out to our KIC coordinator Dana via email: