5 Day Email Course: How to add insurance to your private practice

Meet Counselor Alison Pidgeon (she knows insurance inside and out!)

In 2015, I was burned out. My job as the director of an outpatient community mental health clinic demanded long hours, working with too few resources, and responsibilities which just kept piling up. Six weeks after deciding I’d had enough, I launched my private practice. It wasn’t easy — a lot of trial and error, research, self doubt — but meeting Joe Sanok helped, and I started to get the hang of what worked and what didn’t in private practice. 

After just six months, I hired my first clinician and became a group practice. My practice grossed $30,000 in its first year. 

During 2016, after just 18 months in business, my practice is on track to quadruple its gross profit, surpassing the 6 figure mark

And I was able to achieve this while operating a practice whose clientele is 95% insurance based

Learning how to bill insurance in private practice is a steep learning curve. But once you get the hang of it, it’s totally doable. I was able to grow my practice while working part-time so I could spend more time with my young children. I believe in working as efficiently as possible and being laser-focused on your priorities. 


This five-day email course walks you through how to add insurance to your practice. Taking insurance is frustrating, but this course gives you simple step-by-step instructions to make sure things run smooth, so you can get back to counseling.

  •  DAY 1: Pros and cons of having insurance as part of your counseling private practice. The exact plan for how to evaluate whether you should be 100% private pay, take a few insurances, or take them all.
  •  DAY 2: How to get credentialed with insurance companies.The step-by-step plan for signing up for CAQH, where to click, and what to do.
  •  DAY 3: What to do when you get your first client that wants to bill insurance. When you get that first insurance-based client, what do you do? What do you ask? What terms do you need to know? 
  •  DAY 4: Billing insurance claims and how to save $10,090.09. The way that Alison does her own billing to save a ton of money. 
  •  DAY 5: How to read an EOB (Explaination of Benefits) and how to get paid. What are the common pitfalls in taking insurance, how to not get denied, and how to get paid.