Grow Your Practice to a Group Practice with Start and Scale a Group Practice Mastermind!

Do you own a successful private practice? Are you interested in growing your practice to a group practice?

Well, you are in the right place!

COST: $399 p/m for 5 months

We will be meeting on the following dates between 12-1pm EST:
10/29/20, 11/12/20, 12/10/20, 1/7/21, 1/21/21, 2/4/21, 2/18/21, 3/4/21, 3/18/21, 4/1/21

Here is What You Get:


Authoritative Advice

Grow your practice to a group practice with expert advice from top entrepreneurs and private practice consultants who have experience in owning a group private practice.


Next Level Practice

Receive FREE membership to Next Level Practice (normally $99 p/m) where you get access to pre-recorded trainings and webinars and also get to interact with other practice owners in a closed Facebook Group.



Not only do you form part of a small group, but you will also become a member of the exclusive Start a Group Mastermind Facebook Group where you can share resources and ideas and ask questions.


Focused Attention

Receive focused feedback on a specific issue you are dealing with - from like-minded professionals - in a Q&A and "mini-consulting" type format.



Receive an e-book, workbook, 10 training videos and group practice paperwork packages all accessible through Teachable specifically designed for this group.



Build relationships with other private practice owners who are right where you are! And, together, take your private practice to the next level!

The Start a Group Practice Mastermind Framework. 

Group Mastermind

Meet every other Tuesday, beginning April 14th, at 12:30EST for 90 minutes for 6 months, to discuss starting a group practice. The format of these groups includes: 15 minutes of Q&A and 75 minutes of two hot seats.


You will gain access to an exclusive Facebook Group where we put all of our hot seats. get access to the video hot seats, ask questions in a private Facebook Group, and more.


You will get assigned an accountability parter, who you will meet with once a month, to make sure you're staying on track. You will also receive two consulting calls - one with Alison and 1 with Whitney.

Is Start a Group Practice Mastermind For Me? YES! If:

  • You are interested in starting a group practice
  • You are in the process of onboarding other clinicians
  • You are not sure how to motivate employees
  • You want to know how to create content to market your group private practice

Who Start a Group Practice Mastermind is Not For:

  • If you've just started a private practice
  • If you are only working part-time on your private practice
  • If you aren't interested in scaling your private practice and/or expanding into a group practice

About Alison Pidgeon

Hi, I’m Alison Pidgeon.  

In 2015 I quit my full time job in community mental health and started my private practice in my hometown of Lancaster, PA. It was scary, but it was the best decision I ever made! I built a solo practice and then started forming a group practice.  

4 years later I have 2 locations (one is a building I purchased!) and 12 clinicians who work for me as contractors along with an administrative assistant. The practice is a mix of mostly insurance and some self-pay clients.  

In addition, we started a charity fund through a local non-profit and we won the Central Penn Business Journal’s “Emerging Business of the Year” Award!  

Now I spend less time working and more time with my family, all while making more money compared to my old job! I love owning a group practice and teaching others how to do it too.


"(In the beginning) I was kind of all over the place, disorganized and overwhelmed. I am now in a place that I know what I need to do and the specific systems to have in place to continue to grow a group practice. I really enjoyed working with you Alison. She is very sweet and super helpful. I really like her disposition." - Dr. Melissa Moore, Moore Mental Health & Behavioral Services, PLLC Houston, TX

"We are grateful and a little bit shocked by our progress - especially since time has always been our biggest struggle. When the mastermind group started, we had just decided to hire our first three employees. We were also managing a consulting company and two office buildings. In six months, we filled up our three employees, hired three more, rented out more office space, developed more systems, hired four VA’s, and scheduled more coaching clients! We are thrilled with the outcomes! The accountability and opportunity to talk through our decisions helped us remain focused and prioritize our tasks. Thank you for making this mastermind affordable. It was wonderful to be part of a group of clinicians making changes together. Your support and expertise (Joe too, of course) was highly valuable and appreciated." - Kim Hession & Jennifer Flanagan, Great South Bay Therapy LCSW PC Bayport and Sayville NY

"Six months after starting this group, I am way further along than I could have imagined! This group provided the structure and support I needed to be confident in moving forward with building a group practice. There is no way I could have done this as quickly or confidently without this amazing group!" - Caroline Thomas, LMSW, Head and Heart Therapeutic Solutions, Traverse City, MI  

"I was in Alison's start a group practice consulting group around this time last year. I wanted to take a quick moment and give you an update.

At that time, I had myself and another clinician in a small office, and I just hired a VA.

Now, I am hiring my 9th clinician, have a VA and am going through the hiring process for a part time practice manager as well. My intakes are 10X what they were when my practice started, and I have a great grasp of how to scale that to get to my ideal practice size (about 15 clinicians, plus an intern). Each clinician brings something unique to the practice and has similar enough values/goals to make a great team atmosphere.

My income from the practice is sufficient to pay bills (yay!) and is still growing, I have much more time with my family, and I can focus on what I enjoy working in my practice, and have (or will shortly) delegate the rest out.

The skills, mindset, and approaches I learned through Practice of the Practice have been instrumental to my practice growing as it has.

Thank you for the great work you are doing, it is appreciated!" - Rob Magill, MA, ICAADC,CCPG,DOT-SAP, LPC, Magill Counseling Associates, LLC

There's never been a better time to grow your practice into a group practice!