Do you have a plan to open a group practice? 

"I never meant to start a group practice.

In 2014 I was working in community mental health as the director of an outpatient clinic and thought I would keep climbing the ladder until I became a hospital administrator one day. But then I got seriously burned out by my responsibilities as a new mom of two young kids and a job that continued to demand more of my time with too few resources.  

I quit my job and in 4 weeks had built up the bare bones of a private practice. I loved being my own boss and running the business. It seemed natural for me to start a group practice because of my experiences with managing staff at my previous job. Six months into my private practice journey I hired my first clinician and rebranded my practice.  

As I write this two and a half years later, I now have five clinicians who work for me as contractors and two assistants (one virtual, one in-office). I have a thriving private practice located in Lancaster, PA where we pull in an average of $30,000 per month.  

Now I work as a business consultant for Practice of the Practice helping others start and grow their practices. I love helping others realize their dreams, especially when it comes to starting a group practice. I love being a private practice owner and my hope is this book helps get you started on your journey." 

- Alison Pidgeon (Author) 

Topics Covered  

  • The pros and cons of running a group practice…how do you know if it is right for you?
  • The “nuts and bolts” of how to set up a group practice and how they differ from a solo practice.
  • The hiring process: how do you find people to hire and what do you ask in the interview process?
  • Marketing a group and the differences. How to create a “brand.”
  • How to manage employees and strategies you can use to ensure good communication and make sure things are running efficiently.