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If you’re a practice owner who values your time and a flexible schedule, but you struggle with knowing how to get your time back, then you’re probably in the right place.


Some of the pain points that I, Alison Pidgeon, help practice owners with are: 

How to grow from a solo to a group practice so you can stop trading “dollars for hours” and start making semi-passive income.

How to structure a group practice with processes and systems that will allow your practice to run largely on its own, freeing up your time.

How to manage your staff and create a positive work culture that promotes staff retention and allows them to function independently.

Finding creative ways to increase your income without working more.

"One on one consulting with Alison made a huge difference in knowing how to implement concrete solutions to problems I was having in my practice. She came up with a plan and helped me hit objectives along the way. She helped me find specific niches that worked to increase business in a highly competitive NYC private pay market. Great investment. Thanks Alison!" - Lindsey Huttner, LCSW, Butterfly Effect Therapy, Queens, New York

"Alison helped me gain a better perspective with my business practices, including reviewing and setting up systems for EHR, accounting, taking calls and setting aside planning time, not to mention ensuring that I was targeting my ideal clients locally and on my website practice listings. She listened, offered feedback and resources, and understood where I was at in my practice without pushing something I didn't need." - Rosemary Barnes Pratt, LPC, Art Therapy For Healing, Brentwood, MO.

"I truly believe in the motto that success leaves clues. If you are looking to build a thriving group practice, what better person to help you achieve that goal than someone who has walked in your shoes along the same path. Even better yet, Alison worked along side of me the entire way as I set off on my journey. In working privately with Alison and following the plan of action she put together, by March 2020, a month before the goal I set at the beginning of our engagement, I had my first clinician officially starting in my group practice. Alison has an abundance of knowledge and is able to remain extremely calm and even-keeled, even when you think everything is falling apart. She is a true expert, who has seen and worked through it all over the years. Alison can help you build solid foundations for the goals and dreams you have for your practice, and I cannot recommend her enough. I will continue to use Alison’s services and expertise in the future as the expansion of my practice continues. Thank you!"

-Dr. Alissa Silverman, Silver Linings Psych, LLC, Philhadelphia, PA

"My experience with consulting and specifically Alison was great.  The ability to talk in depth about my business was invaluable.  The experience she brings really helps you see things you may not otherwise.  It is a conversation and almost like your own little podcast where a topic can be discussed at length and nuance.  The other part I really liked is Alison's own experience with starting multiple businesses herself and the things she has learned.  With the changes in the health business landscape Alison has some really forward thinking to set up your business to have the most success regardless of the climate of the health industry."

- Brian Larsen


At Practice of the Practice, we take a catered approach to helping you. What that means is that we want to match you with the best consultant, model (one-on-one or group), and price point. With me, you have three options: One-on-one consulting, Start a Group Practice Mastermind, or Start a Group Practice E-course and Monthly Consulting Calls.  

One-on-One Consulting

My one-on-one consulting consists of a package of consulting sessions and other resources designed specifically for a practice owner’s goals. Some common reasons people seek out individual consulting are: 

  •  They are having difficulty marketing their practice in a saturated market
  •  They have started a group practice, but are experiencing difficulties with getting it to run efficiently
  •  They want to start a group practice, but would prefer to work on it individually rather than in the mastermind group.

Start a Group Practice E-Course + 6 Months of Consulting Calls

  • Access to over 15 Resources to help you set up your Group Practice
  • Curriculum covering: Systems & Processes, How to Hire an Administrative Assistant / Virtual Assistant, Minimizing Your Liability as a Group Practice Owner, All About Hiring Your First Clinician, Onboarding Your First Clinician, Branding Your Practice, The Nuts & Bolts of Marketing, Tracking Data in Your Group Practice, Managing Staff & Creating a Positive Workplace Culture, Managing Finances in a Group Practice
  • Bonus Content
  • 6 monthly group consulting calls

Click here to find out more about Start a Group Practice E-Course + 6 Months of Consulting Calls

Start a Group Practice Mastermind

This group is designed for clinicians who have established a solo practice and are ready to take it to the next level by building a group practice. Through teaching modules, mastermind sessions, and lots of downloadable resources, I guide you through all of the foundational elements of establishing a group practice. Topics include: 

  •  How to set up systems/processes for a group
  •  How to hire a virtual assistant
  •  How to hire your first clinician and onboard them
  •  How to market as a group practice, just to name a few.

Click here to find out more about Start a Group Practice Mastermind.


I’m Alison Pidgeon.

I own a large group practice called Move Forward Counseling LLC in Lancaster County, PA. I started my practice in 2015 and now have three locations, including an office building I purchased and completely renovated in 2019.

In addition, I started a virtual assistant company, Move Forward Virtual Assistants in 2018, providing highly trained VA's to therapy practices.

I have been working with Practice of the Practice since 2016 and have helped over 100 therapist entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses, through mastermind groups and individual consulting.

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