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Joe Sanok - PoP Founder+Consultant

Are you a little bit nervous about this year?

We got your back!

There are so many variables that are completely out of your control (and mine). But what you can do is make your private practice as structurally sound as possible. There are three major areas where most growing practices can improve:

  • Removing the owner from the daily tasks: Most owners think “Only I can do it the best!” It’s hard for them to let go. Oftentimes, this actually IS true. Right now, only you can do it. But there’s probably someone out there that could do it even better. Also, your lost time, energy, and money from doing tasks you shouldn’t be doing, is just money on the table! 
  • Creating a clear vision: What are the core building blocks you need to achieve as a business to really grow this year? Most of us never had business classes, and then somehow were thrust into this private practice world. Maybe you even have a lot of success, beyond what you ever thought! No one in graduate school talked about making six or seven figures, unless MAYBE you got lucky. So maybe you’re finally making some decent money, but the business has got away from you. It’s time to examine where you’re headed.
  • Planning for multiple scenarios: In a lot of ways, private practices have been taught that we are “future proof.” What do I mean by that? That no matter what, people need therapy. In good times they want to improve and grow, in bad times they need to alleviate pain and suffering. In a lot of ways this IS true, people do need therapy, but will it be at your office? Are you positioned to massively grow, while others can barely make rent?

I’m Joe Sanok, I owned a private pay group practice from 2006-2019, I sold it and now help practice owners to create thriving practices that mirror their values. 

I’m offering a new consulting package to help YOU to remove yourself from the daily tasks, set a clear vision (with accountability), and plan for multiple variables. Now that you know what we’ll complete in our consulting, let me dig in a little bit more. 

By the end of our six months together, you will have completed:

A clear process to remove things from your plate, examine what should be added, and know how/when to hire or outsource tasks. Together you'll discover how to focus on the best uses of your time and how to identify clear, low hanging fruit in your business.

We will create a quarter-by-quarter plan that outline the three big “building blocks” you need to achieve in the next year. Then we’ll assign projects and tasks (with deadlines) so you get the big things done and love your work even more! 

We’ll examine, plan, launch, and assess your money and where it is going, your budgets, and how you feel about your security within the business.  As well, we'll dream big as to how to genuinely infuse your business with your heart and approach to life!

What will each month look like?

How are we going to do this? Aka, what’s included in the package: 

  • Month 1 | Initial Evaluation Meeting (60 min) + Consulting Session (30 min): This 60 minute meeting is about understanding where you are in the three major areas of time, vision, and planning. We will outline specific goals in our project management system.
  • Months 2-6 | Two 30 min consultations per month: In these sessions we will discuss progress toward projects and building blocks, time freedom, and planning for multiple scenarios. Inevitably, there will be fires in the business that come up that will also need to be discussed, as well as mental blocks. 
  • Two-Day Intensive: You’ll be invited to a two-day intensive at Joe’s house (travel, hotel, and food not included). At this, you and other participants will do deep work around your goals, get feedback, and be challenged to grow and expand faster. October 17-18, 2023 in Traverse City, MI. Airfare/hotel not included. 
  • Phone Support: As a consultant, I don’t just disappear between sessions. I work Monday-Thursday, so if you’re stuck and need a quick 5 min call, just text me, you’ll have my personal cell phone number. 
  • Project Management: We’ll keep everything organized in our project management system, so you know exactly what to do next. As well, we’ll document the building blocks, projects, timelines, and next steps there and in Google documents. 
  • Communities: You'll have access to all Next Level Practice and Group Practice Boss events and teachings, as well as trainings from Audience Building Academy, Podcast Launch School, and Killin’It Camp recordings. 
  • Discounts on Support: During your consulting you’ll get our lowest price on all support services including IT, copywriting, design, social media management and podcast support.

With everything included this package would be over $2,000/month!

Because we're in uncertain times and we want to help, we're going back to 2016 prices for these 8 people and instead of charging $2,000/month we're only charging $895/month for this package!

Limited Spots: We have a ton of demand for this! Set a reminder, put it on your calendar, get ready to grab your spot on August 16, 2023 at 9:00 am EST/8C/7M/6P.



What clients are saying:

"How quickly work happened in the sprints, it was like time became very fluid, where we were sprinting and getting things done...I got more done in two days that I got done in the last two years." 

Anna Saviano, MA, LPC, Group Practice Owner 


"I went into it thinking I need someone to help me lead because of the level I want to scale to, someone who has been there...I was ready to have freedom in pursuing a business idea and one-on-one consulting with Joe has helped me create a clearer vision of what that looks like." 

Marta Hamilton, MA, LPC, Group Practice Owner + Founder Telewellness Hub


"He's [Joe] such an amazing guy and he knows everything and it's been so fun to pick his brain and profit from his excellent teachings that are there!" 

Ellen J. W. Gigliotti, MA-MFT, LMFT, Group Practice Owner 

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