We've helped thousands of practices. We specialize in:

  • Start-up Phase: From that moment you think, "I want to start a practice," until you're ready to hire your first clinical, we've got you covered. We have free trainings, checklists, podcasts, and more to help you go from $0 to your first $100k. But it's not just about the money (but that's nice), we want you to build a practice you're proud of, that matches your values, in your marketing, branding, and operations. If you're ready to grow your new practice even faster, the One Year Practice Plan and Next Level Practice Community may be a good fit.
  • Group Practice Phase: Once you're full (or getting there), you'll probably start to realize that you can't see everyone. You'll start thinking that you may want to add someone to take some of the extra referrals. This can feel like such a huge task. We've got free podcasts and trainings to help with that. Also, if you're ready to move faster, we have Group Practice Launch to help you hire your first clinician or Group Practice Boss Community for group practice owners.
  • Multiple Streams of Income: Maybe you're at capacity, thinking of selling, or just want to add diversity to your revenue. You may be thinking that your skills need to go beyond individual counseling and help people on a broader platform. Maybe speaking, books, online courses, or membership communities are something you dream about. In our free trainings and podcasts we discuss the step-by-step process to do this. We can also support you through Audience Building Academy, Podcast Launch School, and our Done-for-You Podcast Launch, if you're ready to get some support.

Upcoming Dates for Practice of the Practice Trainings


Join us for
Level Up Week!

Practice of the Practice will be hosting a variety of free webinars, events, and ways for you to level up in your private practice. Whether you are just getting started, adding a clinician for the first time, or growing your group practice, we have something for you!

March 20 - 23, 2023

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Be sure to attend one of these renowned MasterClasses to gain a step-by-step guide on how to start and grow a private practice.